Geek Gripe - 002

While I appreciate that Marvel is doing something different with their mainstream characters (Captain America, Thor), I also know that by the time Avengers II comes out in 2015, Steve Rogers will be Captain America again and Thor will re-assume his role as the God of Thunder.

Maybe they should have waited until *after* the next Avengers movie came out before they attempted to convince readers that their bold new direction would be a significant or lasting change.



Latest Painting - “Truth, Justice & The Letter ‘S’” (Superman / Super Grover - 18” x 24” Gesso / Graphite / Acrylic / Color Pencil on Canvas)

Yes! One of my favorite things ever, so far! Prints are available right now in my US store and very shortly over in my UK / Rest of the World store

I’ll be framing the original painting and bringing it along to Fanboy Expo, Tampa in September where you can buy it, if you like!

Thanks for your niceness, as always :)


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