Sunnyvale, CA-based artist Hoang Tran (previously featured here) continues to create so many awesome pop culture-based crayon sculptures that we can’t help but share some more. Last time we featured crayon sculptures of Adventure Time characters. Today we’re treated to carved and painted pieces from Doctor Who, Spirited away, Star Wars, Hellboy, The Sandman, and sweet little BMO (who was still a work in progress last time).

Visit Hoang’s Tumblr site, Wax Nostalgic, to check out many more crayon sculptures. He also has some available for purchase via his Etsy shop, CarvedCrayons.

[via Design Fetish]



Previews from for the 75 Years of Batman art show, opening October 24th, 2014, at the Mondo Gallery / Tumblr.

Catwoman by Craig Drake - 24” X 36” screen print, ed. of 175. 

The Riddler by Jason Edmiston - 18” X 24” screen print, ed. of 200.

Batman/Man-Bat Set by Alex Pardee - 24” X 36” screen prints, ed. of 200.

Heart of Ice by Phantom City Creative - 18” X 24” screen print ed. of 225.

Batman Begins by Kevin Tong - 18” X 24” screen print, ed. of 275.